NooJ: A Linguistic Development Environment


ELLIADD, Université de Franche-Comté


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NooJ 2020
From 05/06/2020 to 07/06/2020
In: Zagreb
NooJ pour les humanités numériques
From 31/03/2020 to 31/03/2020
In: Internet
NooJ et les humanités numériques
From 06/03/2020 to 06/03/2020
In: Université de Paris
NooJ for the Digital Humanities
From 08/02/2020 to 08/02/2020
In: Moscow
Semaine NooJ à l'INALCO
From 06/01/2020 to 10/01/2020
NooJ for the Digital Humanities
From 23/10/2019 to 25/10/2019
In: Zagreb
NooJ 2019
From 07/06/2019 to 09/06/2019
In: Hammamet
NooJ Workshop in Zadar
From 09/05/2019 to 10/05/2019
In: Zadar University, Croatia
Semaine NooJ à l'INALCO
From 07/01/2019 to 11/01/2019
NooJ workshop in Salerne

Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche, Sociali e della Comunicazione,

Università degli studi di Salerno, Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132, 84084 Fisciano (SA) - Italia

Contact: mmonteleone at unit dot it


From 27/11/2018 to 30/11/2018
NooJ Workshop in Kyiv
From 17/11/2018 to 17/11/2018

We are happy to inform you that we will organise the workshop "Linguistic Resources for NLP" at COLING2018 in Santa Fe, USA.


From 20/08/2018 to 21/08/2018
In: Santa Fee, USA
NooJ 2018

The NooJ association will organize the 16th NooJ International Conference in Palermo, Italy, June 20-22.

Web site and CFP soon!


From 20/06/2018 to 22/06/2018
In: Palermo, Italy

The NooJ association will organize the 23rd Conference on Natural Language & Information Systems (NLDB) at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris, France, June 13-15, 2018.


From 13/06/2018 to 15/06/2018
In: Paris
Semaine NooJ à l'INALCO 2018

L'INALCO organisera la semaine NooJ du 8 au 12 janvier 2018, au 2 rue de Lille, 75007 Paris.

Attention : places limitées !


From 08/01/2018 to 12/01/2018
In: INALCO, Paris
NooJ in Chile!
The Instituto de Literatura y Ciencias del Lenguaje Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso chose NooJ to build their NLP medical applications!


From 13/12/2017 to 16/12/2017
In: Valparaiso, Chile

We are happy to inform you that we will organize the workshop "Linguistic Resources for Natural Language Generation".


From 04/09/2017 to 07/09/2017
In: Santiago de Compostela, Spain
International NooJ conference 2017
From 18/05/2017 to 20/05/2017
In: Kenitra, Morocco
Semaine NooJ à l'INALCO 2017
From 09/01/2017 to 13/01/2017
In: INALCO, Paris, France
2ème journées maghrébines NooJ
From 07/11/2016 to 11/11/2016
In: Kenitra, Maroc
International NooJ Conference 2016
From 09/06/2016 to 11/06/2016
In: České Budějovice
Semaine NooJ à l'INALCO 2016
From 11/01/2016 to 15/01/2016
In: INALCO, Paris, France
Premières journées maghrébines NooJ
From 05/10/2015 to 08/10/2015
In: Sfax, Tunisie
International NooJ Conference 2015
From 11/06/2015 to 13/06/2015
In: Minsk
Semaine NooJ à l'INALCO 2015
From 11/01/2015 to 15/01/2015
In: INALCO Paris
NooJ International Conference 2014
From 02/06/2014 to 04/06/2014
In: Sassari
A NooJ Intensive Tutorial Workshop
From 09/11/2013 to 15/11/2013
In: Sassari, Italia
NooJ International Conference 2013
From 01/06/2013 to 03/06/2013
In: Saarbrücken, Germany
Tutoriel NooJ à Infol@ngues 2013
From 17/04/2013 to 20/04/2013
In: Béja, Tunisia
Semaine NooJ à l'INALCO 2013
From 26/01/2013 to 25/01/2013
In: INALCO, Paris, France
NooJ Demo at COLING2012
From 09/12/2012 to 09/12/2012
In: Mumbai, India
International NooJ conference 2012
From 14/06/2012 to 16/06/2012
In: Paris, France
NooJ Workshop at LREC2012
From 20/05/2012 to 20/05/2012
In: Istanbul, Turkey
Semaine NooJ à l'INALCO 2012
From 29/01/2012 to 02/02/2012
In: Paris, France
International NooJ Conference 2011
From 13/06/2011 to 15/06/2011
In: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Semaine NooJ à l'INALCO 2011
From 17/01/2011 to 21/01/2011
In: Paris, France
International NooJ Conference 2010
From 27/05/2010 to 29/05/2010
In: Komotini, Greece
Semaine NooJ à l’INALCO 2010
From 01/02/2010 to 05/02/2010
In: Paris, France
Atelier NooJ à Neuchâtel
From 22/10/2009 to 22/10/2009
In: Neuchâtel, Swizerland
Lexicologie, terminologie, traduction
From 13/10/2009 to 15/10/2009
In: Lisbonne, Portugal
International NooJ Conference 2009
From 08/06/2009 to 10/06/2009
In: Tozeur, Tunisia
NooJ Workshop 2009
From 26/05/2009 to 26/05/2009
In: University of Porto, Portugal
Semaine NooJ à l’INALCO 2009
From 26/01/2009 to 30/01/2009
In: Paris, France
International NooJ Conference 2008
From 08/06/2008 to 10/06/2008
In: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungaria
NooJ Workshop Corpus Linguistics 2007 Conference
From 27/07/2007 to 27/07/2007
In: Birmingham University, UK
International NooJ Conference 2007
From 07/06/2007 to 09/06/2007
In: Univ. Autonomous of Barcelona, Spain
Workshop Language Resources for Teaching and Research
From 23/04/2007 to 23/04/2007
In: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Workshop NooJ: un moteur de recherche linguistique
From 27/11/2006 to 28/11/2006
In: ISIMS Univ. de Sfax, Tunisie
Workshop sur la traduction - Univ. Paris1
From 29/09/2006 to 29/09/2006
In: Univ. Paris 1
Stage de formation NooJ à Paris X
From 08/06/2006 to 09/06/2006
In: MoDyCo, Univ. Paris X, France
The 9th INTEX/NooJ Conference 2006
From 01/06/2006 to 03/06/2006
In: Belgrade, SERBIA
Présentation de NooJ aux 8èmes JADT
From 20/04/2006 to 20/04/2006
In: Besançon
Atelier NooJ à la conférence Constructions verbales et production de sens
From 26/01/2006 to 28/01/2006
In: Besançon
NooJ v1.21 presented at EMNLP 2005
From 06/10/2005 to 08/10/2005
In: Vancouver, Canada
The 8th INTEX/NooJ Workshop
From 30/05/2005 to 02/06/2005
In: Besançon
Journée NooJ à l'INALCO 05/2005
From 20/05/2005 to 20/05/2005
In: Paris, France
Journée NooJ à l'INALCO 02/2005
From 18/02/2005 to 18/02/2005
In: Paris, France
The 7th INTEX/NooJ Workshop
From 07/06/2004 to 09/06/2004
In: Tours